Course Formats:


Enrollment is an easy ONE STEP process for most courses.  After registering for the site, please follow the simple steps outlined below to begin the enrollment process.   Back to top

How to Enroll in a Course

1) Choose the type of course format you would like.  
2) Select a subject area from the list. 
3) Select a course.  
4) Follow the steps to enroll online.
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Are College Tuition Credit and Course Enrollment Separate?

There is only ONE STEP to enrollment if you choose a PDE course, an Annenberg Learner course, or a Face-to-Face course. You will handle both the course and the college tuition credit sections through this website in one step. 

If you enroll in courses with ASCD, there are TWO STEPS to the enrollment process. You will first need to sign up with CCC for your Tuition Credit. Secondly, you will need to log on to the ASCD website link in order to sign up and pay for the course.  NOTE: If you have already signed up and paid for an ASCD course through ASCD, then your next step would be to register and enroll for college credit with CCC.

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CCC has collaborated with Annenberg Learner to offer graduate level courses via streamed video sessions and completing coursework assignments. Video Courses. If you are taking a course through Annenberg, there is only ONE STEP to this enrollment process: 1) Enroll and pay for both the Annenberg COURSE and the Vanguard University COLLEGE CREDIT through CCC. Back to top


CCC is in partnership with PDE to offer a wide format and variety of graduate level courses. PDE Courses-Sort by Provider. If you are taking a course through PDE, there is only ONE STEP to this enrollment process: 1) Enroll and pay for both the PDE COURSE and the Vanguard University COLLEGE CREDIT TUITION through CCC.  Back to top


CCC has collaborated with ASCD to offer over a large number of ASCD on-line courses. On-line Courses. If you are taking an ASCD course, there are TWO STEPS to take to enroll in a class. 1) Enroll and pay for your COURSE with ASCD by using their website application. 2) Enroll and pay for your Vanguard University COLLEGE CREDIT TUITION with CCC.  NOTE: Once you have enrolled directly with ASCD to take the course and have also enrolled with CCC for University credit, you may begin your coursework. You must submit all ASCD certificate assignments to ASCD in order to obtain your "Certificate of Completion."  Once you receive your official signed certificate from ASCD, you must submit it to CCC.  
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CCC is in partnership with Vanguard University and PDE to offer face-to-face instructor led graduate level courses. Face-to-Face Courses. If you are taking a Face-to-Face course, there is only ONE STEP to this enrollment process: 1) Enroll and pay for both the FACE-TO-FACE COURSE and the Vanguard University COLLEGE CREDIT TUITION through CCC. Back to top

Cost of Courses

The cost of each course can be found on the course detail page or the ALL COURSES page or on the Course Information page. ALL COSTS LISTED INCLUDE THE ENTIRE COST OF THE COURSE AND THE TUITION.
CCC makes every effort to provide reasonable and competitive pricing without sacrificing quality or personal attention. The procedure for payment depends upon whether you are taking a course from Annenberg or PDE (ONE STEP process) or from ASCD (TWO STEP process). If you choose a course offered by PDE, Annenberg Learner, or a Face-to-Face course, it will be a ONE STEP process for payment and enrollment. If you enroll in courses with ASCD, there are TWO STEPS to the payment and enrollment process.    Back to top

Payment Options

Payment for college credit may be completed via PayPal through our secure transaction credit/debit online processing system. Manual payment via electronic checks, money orders, and/or cashier's checks is available under special circumstances at an additional cost. Please download the Manual Enrollment in Word (or Manual Enrollment form in PDF) and mail completed form to College Credit Connection, 2331 Honolulu Avenue, Suite H, Montrose, CA 91020. Transcripts will be held until all money owing is paid.
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Additional Costs

There are no additional costs required other than those outlined in the Course Description and the cost of the College Tuition Credits. Some of the Face-to-Face courses require a materials fee as well. Please see your class description for further information. Back to top

Credit Limits

CCC’s diverse Learning Formats are designed to be flexible according to your needs and schedule; however, it is important for CCC to maintain the integrity of our educational offerings by limiting the number of enrollment credits per semester.  CCC’s specific guidelines regarding the number of enrollment credits allowed per semester is a maximum of 15 credits during the Fall and Spring semesters.  The limit is 18 Credits during the Summer (or Off-Track) Semester. To request an exception to the credit limit requirement, send a written request and reason to the following address: Admin@CollegeCreditConnection.com. Please list the courses you want to take, the dates, credit value, and rationale for the request. 

The learner will be credited in the semester for which the learner has COMPLETED the course. (Please note that for online courses, the date in which the course grade is posted will become the new End Date for that class.  Therefore, students should plan to submit all completed course work and requirements to CCC a minimum of three weeks before the end of a given semester in order to have their grade posted for that semester.)

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Extensions for Incomplete Work

Unless an extension is granted, all online course requirements must be submitted within six months from the date of course enrollment and must be original. All Face-to-Face courses and Face-to-Face/Hybrid courses must be completed per the Instructors' directions.  

Students may request an extension to complete their coursework if they warrant additional time due to extenuating circumstances. An additional extension fee of $25 per unit will apply for each course extended.  All requests and arrangements for extensions must be received at CCC no later than seven (7) days after the last course session or regular class deadline.  You will find a link to extend your time next to your course listing in your TRACK YOUR PROGRESS folder.  If you wish to mail in the form, please click one of the following format options: Extension Request Form in Word Doc or Extension Request Form in PDF

If an extension is approved, incomplete work for CCC students must be completed no later than thirty (30) days following the last class session or regular class deadline.  No grade or credit will be issued to the student during this extended period until the work is completed. Courses in which coursework has not been completed and submitted to CCC by the end of an approved course extension will automatically be dropped. Request for exceptions or extensions BEYOND the thirty (30) day limitation must be submitted in writing to the CCC Chief Academic Officer at Admin@CollegeCreditConnection.com.

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Waiting List

For Face-to-Face courses, we will do everything we can to accommodate you. On courses offered through ASCD, please contact the provider. For all other courses, you will most likely be accommodated upon enrollment. If a class is full, and you wish to be on a waiting list, please make certain you enter the information requested to ensure your position on the list. If a position becomes available, you will be contacted immediately. Back to top

Enrolling late

For our Face-to-Face classes, late enrollments are allowed upon instructor approval normally within the first two weeks. Please contact us to ensure availability. The end-date of the course will still be applicable. 

For all of the other classes, you may enroll any time that fits your schedule.
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Grade Report
The learner will be issued a Grade Report within approximately 2 weeks of satisfactorily completing the course.  CCC follows the policy of issuing a Grade Report in an attempt to speed up the process for teachers. Some districts accept a Grade Report temporarily in lieu of a formal transcript. Students should check the policy of their specific school district. 

An unofficial transcript for each course completed will be emailed to students by Vanguard University at the email address designated on their Registration form. Students should allow approximately 4 weeks after the class has ended to receive their unofficial transcript.  Students who currently owe tuition funds to Vanguard University and/or CCC will have a hold placed upon their transcripts until their account is settled.  There may be additional processing time for students who manually pay their tuition.  
Students may request an Official Transcript through the Registrar’s Office at Vanguard University of Southern California.  Please note that the first two official transcripts ever requested through Vanguard University are at no charge; thereafter there is a minimal fee of $4.00 per transcript. Transcripts may be ordered through the Registrar’s Office by completing the Transcript Request Form at 

Your official transcript request may be mailed to:
Vanguard University
Office of the Registrar
55 Fair Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
You can also fax your official transcript request to 714.668.6126 or scan and email it with payment information to 
All transcript requests must be received in writing along with payment. Please list recently completed courses and your full name and address. Grade Reports and/or Transcripts will be held until all money owing is paid.
CEU’s without college credit do not appear on the Vanguard University transcript.
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Other Questions or Concerns

Many frequently asked questions are posted on the FAQ tab, where answers to many common questions about enrollment and graduate credits are listed.  Please either click here FAQ or go to the FAQ tab on the left side of the page.  If you don't find your answers, please feel free to Contact Us.

Statement of Certification
By enrolling in any course, you are certifying that you are the person who has completed the information furnished on all sections of this registration. You are certifying that to the best of your knowledge, the information furnished is true and complete. You understand that if found to be otherwise, it is sufficient cause for delay
of admission, loss of credit, rejection or dismissal.

I understand that by submitting this information via electronic transmission that I acknowledge the above in lieu of a signature. Back to top