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Kathryn G

EDUX 7820 When Kids Can't Read: What Teachers Can Do I thought there was little I could do as a middle school teacher to help non-readers. My thinking was sometimes that if they didn’t have it by now, it wasn’t my problem. I am here to teach eighth grade curriculum. I felt this way because I was ineffective with these kids because I did not have tools to teach them what they needed. I think many, many teachers feel the same way. This book helps us deal with students’ deficits effectively. I am so happy to have this lifeline thrown to me!

Cole O

EDUX 7817 Number Talks: Whole Number Computation The absolute best aspect of this course was that the materials, specifically the book that was the focus, provided me with a lot more than just ideas and theory as a lot of PD courses do. In this course, I was given the ideas and theory as a starting point, but then was provided with so many examples, resources, instructions, suggestions and details on how to successfully implement number talks in my classroom. More than any other course I have taken, I feel prepared to take what I have learned and apply it in my class and, due to the amazing support provided by this course, I am confident it will be a success. Specifically, the videos of number talks happening, the detailed explanations and examples provided and the prepared and categorized series of prompts went a long way. Additionally, taking this course motivated me to speak with a previous colleague who is an experienced primary school teacher to get guidance and have her help refine my plans in implementing the number talks. Unfortunately, without this course, I am afraid I never would have thought to get her insights and benefit from her expertise in this area.

Kim C

EDUX 7821 What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know I am highly satisfied with this course; in fact, should I need to complete more credits, this will be the first place I turn to. In addition, I will surely recommend this to anyone else looking to complete credits as well. The reason I am so satisfied with this course is that the book I selected was highly relevant to my teaching situation. In addition, I was able to select learning activities beyond the reading of the text that were directly related and beneficial to my situation. Nobody likes to take courses where the learning activities are simply a hoop to jump through. Finally, I found the questions in the summary and reflection paper to be relevant to the readings and helpful to my thought process.

Milissa F

EDUX 8000 Understanding the Brain and Behavior. This course was extremely informative and interesting. I found all of the content to be relevant to the field of speech language pathology. It has also inspired me to further my research in this area. Dr. Wells was extremely helpful throughout the course. She was always available and responded quickly to all of my questions about the course. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone in an education or health field.

Bradley C.

EDUX 7401 Magnificent Mind at any Age - My goal for taking this course was to become a better teacher, and I definitely feel this goal was met. Since taking the course I have a better classroom climate, and students are more open with me in regard to talking about serious issues they may be going through which makes me feel that I now have more of their trust. The DVD was very easy to follow and very informative. The online assignments were very simple to understand, and I enjoyed how we can just answer the questions in the word document as opposed to having to outline a complete essay. The best aspect of this course was being able to complete the course assignments from the template that was provided to us from the course dashboard. This made completing the assignments very easy and made me enjoy the entire course that much more.

Nan U.

EDUX 7802: Unchain Your Brain. My goal for taking this course was to be able to take a class that I was truly interested in and at the same time earn credit. I have been very happy with this course, and I have recommended it to others. I think the best aspects of this course was the ability I had to complete the work in my own time. I have taken a lot of courses throughout my career. I have sat through workshops and in classrooms; often feeling that my time was not being utilized. I appreciated the fact that I determined not only when and where I completed the work but also how.

April D

EDUX 7065 Inside Writing Communities, Grades 3-5 My goals for this course were to gain graduate units and improve my writing instruction. I gained more out of this course than I was expecting. While I was hoping to improve my writing instruction, I did not know I was going to benefit so much from watching other teachers teach writing. Gaining professional units will help me move over on the salary schedule, but more importantly I feel motivated to make changes to my writing instruction. I see how to introduce a writer’s workshop model to my students and how to foster writing independence.

John P

EDUX 7819H The Growth Mindset Coach: Empowering Students to Achieve I was extremely satisfied with this course. The topic of growth vs. fixed mindset is very relevant to my current classroom situation, as I have students who display a wide range of abilities and levels of motivation and I must reach each one. Understanding the difference between fixed and growth mindsets I am now able to recognize these traits in my students and will adjust my teaching towards each accordingly.

Michael C

EDUX 7401: Healing ADD. Personally, I find that this format is really helpful. It gives me the chance to watch Dr. Amen's video to start. It introduces the topic and gives me a base of understanding. I value being able to choose articles that I'm interested in. This helps me to stay motivated to learn, as we know this is good for our students as well. I also enjoy the way questions are asked, this breaks up the assignments into small chunks. I like being able to address each question one by one. Being able to break down each question gives me the opportunity to break up the work within multiple sittings. Downloading the information from the CCC site and putting it into Google Docs is something that I have done with ease. I also found that uploading and handing in my work is very efficient. The best aspects of this course for me as fulfilling hours for the journal, watching videos and picking the articles to read. I find that spending time reading, watching, listening, and researching gives me a really good understanding of the topic. Many times during my research in this course I have come across a video that I'm really interested in that sparks a conversation with a colleague and/or friends.


EDUX 7401: Healing ADD. CCC has been a good resource for my continuing education. I was very satisfied with this course. I also really enjoy having a journal to fulfill hours based on the topic of study. It gives me the chance to search for videos, readings and to have discussions with others on my own. I feel like this is a nice way to branch out in my own way for my personal and professional learning. I would and have recommend CCC to my peers/colleagues, it is a nice way to be able to take courses and work full time.