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Keith W

EDUX 7175H I took this course with a colleague of mine, so we were able to watch the videos together and then immediately plan units and lessons together. This made taking theory to practice extremely easy, and if I were to take a similar course I think I would try and take it with another teacher from my school as well so that we would co-plan as an immediate result of what we learned from the videos.

Alicia D

EDUX 6295 I enjoyed the various modules that were in the ASCD course. I felt that the videos were just long enough to contain important information without dragging on. In addition to this, I like the ability to log hours to reflect on how I am applying this course to my own growth as a professional. I enjoyed the freedom in choosing my own articles to review that I felt included information to my own individual site’s needs. Lastly I like that in both the summary and reflection I am able to not only show what I have learned as a result of taking this course, but self-reflect on how I move forward with this knowledge I have acquired.

Jamie W.

EDUX 7402 Healing ADD. I really enjoyed this course format and found it to be very effective. Taking a class while working can be incredibly difficult to do, but this course allowed me to watch the video, read the articles, and research at my own pace. It was great to be able to use part of my Thanksgiving break learning some effective strategies to use in my classroom, while at the same time earning salary advancement credit. The best aspect of this course was being able to study at my own pace. Teachers can really get bogged down with planning and grading, so it can be difficult to find the time to commit to a traditional class. I really enjoyed being able to work on my own and research something that I was interested in for professional development. I also liked that I was able to choose the articles I wanted to read and review.

Shannel B

EDUX 7210 If it wasn’t for the format of the course I wouldn’t have been able to take it. Working full time as a fifth grade teacher and still having a personal life makes it impossible to find the time to go sit in a classroom. I loved that this course was online and that i could work at my own pace. I also loved that I was able to pause and rewind the videos if needed.

Tara W

7545H I appreciated being able to use the time that was already given to training to further my own understanding and gain credits with the course. The course requires you to think deeply about what you learned and experienced which usually would not happen after a training the materials often end up on a bookshelf in the classroom until needed again. The course requires a lot of reflection on successes and findings gained through training and professional development.

B. B., Administration

EDUX 7340: Abnormal Psychology. I was able to gain a greater understanding of the most common mental health issues faced by people I come in contact with in my job. I am now able to better understand both the potential treatments as well as potential causes and effects of these issues. For example, I frequently come in contact with students impacted by behavior issues and it was helpful for me to be able to learn additional strategies in encouraging academic success with these students. My leadership skills have been enhanced because I now am able to be a better support for students that may be struggling with a variety of issues. I am also able to go into situations with a greater understanding of how students may be impacted by issues they face outside of school.

I. L.

EDUX 7600: Autism in Education. I was looking for an opportunity to advance on the district salary grade scale. While researching for the available courses to take to fulfill the requirements, I came across the CCC webpage. The choices of the online classes and the cost were more favorable. I am satisfied with the course and would recommend it to special education teachers and specialists in order to gain novice knowledge about Autism. My research on the topic led to more questions, which I investigated as well. I also developed a better understanding of my classroom practices, gained numerous insights, and took major steps in my growth as a teacher.

Luana B

EDUX 6055 Crafting Curriculum: Using Standards. First and foremost this course has been one of the most informative and detailed presentations of curriculum design that I have ever experienced. Although I have experienced other areas of curriculum designing, this particular course introduced and provided great examples on how to implement Backward Design, differentiated instruction and integrative learning in the classroom. The course also presented methodology and avenues of application and practice for the course taker. I learned a tremendous amount of information and was able to implement this information in my daily leadership work. I have recommended this course and the array of others offered to all teachers at my school and in the online forum where I blog.

Maria M

EDUX 7020 Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 Workshop The course format was very effective and user friendly for adult learning. It was also very convenient for professionals who need to manage their time between work and family responsibilities. Being able to work at my own pace was a unique opportunity to enrich my knowledge, demonstrate what I know, and apply what I have just learned. I really enjoyed watching the videos. It gave me the sensation of being at a seminar, surrounded by brilliant minds. It was very helpful to be able to pause the videos when I needed more time to write my notes, or replay the video to listen for a second or even a third time to a conversation, or part of a lesson. Having a variety of experts express their different points of view on key issues of Foreign Language learning was enlightening.

Samantha H

EDUX 7215 The Missing Link: Essential Concepts for Middle School Math Teachers I really enjoyed this course and would recommend it to others! The ease of use allowed me to stop and start videos, take notes and complete assignments all in one large chunk of time or skipping a few days between, and the material was entirely applicable to what I will be teaching and aligned beautifully with my curriculum.