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Tiffany B

EDUX 7355 Reading & Writing in the Disciplines I was pleasantly surprised that a course I had assumed to be irrelevant to me as an elementary level math teacher proved to be a pivotal point in my instructional strategies. This course definitely exceeded my expectations and helped me meet needs I had not even seen before I explored this video series.

Kaitlyn B

EDUX 7821 What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know The book itself was an “educational awakening” for me. It inspired me to hold a town hall with my students and to ask them what they wish their teachers knew. As soon as I did those two things, I knew I had to change my lessons to include more of my students' voices. Webinars, TedTalks, and the research articles only inspired me more. I am extremely eager to work on my lesson plans for the next school year after completing this course.

Kelsie N.

EDUX 7340: Abnormal Psychology. The self-paced format was by far one of the best aspects of this course. This format gives teachers the freedom to work on assignments without having to worry about squeezing in time to lesson plan, make copies, or grade papers. The self-paced curriculum allowed me to fit the assignments into my schedule with ease. The response questions and papers were laid out in an user friendly format that allowed me to understand exactly what information was expected. This video series was very enlightening. Another aspect of this course that I really enjoyed was the video on Anxiety. I found this video to be very informative, not just in the context of elementary education but also in the context of everyday life. Anxiety is often discussed as something that is prevalent in our society. The video helped me to better understand the causes, symptoms, and treatments of Anxiety.

Rachel S.

EDUX 7340 Abnormal Psychology. The course format was highly effective. The self-paced format allows those who are working to complete schooling at their own pace. The instructor responded almost immediately to e-mails sent if guidance was needed. The videos were easy to find and informative and the syllabus/assignments are clear. The best aspects of the course were the self-paced format and the video learning. The self-paced format allows a wide variety of adult learners to continue their education at their own pace. Since I currently work and am on leadership teams that require after school time, my time for education is limited to evenings. This course allowed me to work at my pace and I was able to take my time implementing things in my classroom as I learned new content. The videos were effective for a few reasons. First, the site is user friendly and the videos were easy to access, pause, rewind/review, etc. Also, suggestions for related content were given along the sidebar for further learning related to the course. Being able to see the content made it much more accessible, as this is my first encounter with many of the topics. The video series was directly related to teaching within the classroom. I sought out this class specifically to become more educated on abnormal psychology. I gained not only knowledge about facts and research, but practical applications related to the content.

Adam V

EDUX 7819 The Growth Mindset Coach: Empowering Students to Achieve The subject matter of the book is extremely relevant in today’s educational environment. With students everywhere becoming more apathetic and less resilient, it is harder than ever to capture students’ interest. It falls on the teacher to find ways to reach students who have spent years cultivating the opinion that they are incapable of success. This course provides many valuable tools for combatting this erroneous point of view and showing students that everyone is at least capable of success. I would recommend this course for all teachers, but especially those who are looking for ideas on how to make students feel a little less helpless.

Jennifer I

EDUX 7245 Learning Science Through Inquiry I was extremely satisfied with this course. I would definitely recommend it to others. It takes a very comprehensive approach to teaching science. I felt that each video had information and strategies that I could apply in my own classroom. In addition, I was able to share these activities with colleagues, and we have had great success with our students already!

Holly N

EDUX 7000 The Art of Teaching the Arts. The course format was exceptionally effective. I have taken numerous courses online and through independent study. This course was, by far, the most beneficial because of the format. I would venture to say it was even more effective than my brick and mortar coursework graduate level work.

Jessie M.

EDUX 7340 The World of Abnormal Psychology. The way I heard about this professional development opportunity was from a few colleagues in my school district. They explained it was a great way to take a class that would enhance my knowledge in the field of counseling and education, in addition to gaining units to advance my pay. After looking into the courses for myself, I felt it was perfect for me at this time. It was easy to enroll through the official website and had a large selection of courses to choose from. I like that it is self-paced and can be done online for convenience. With long work hours and other time consuming responsibilities, I love that I can work at my own pace with my own flexibly. I was very satisfied with this course and would definitely recommend it to others. The videos were easy to access and you have the freedom to choose your own readings to write on. The subject matter is valuable for anyone working in the field of education to understand the complexity of mental health and mental diagnoses.

Tom A

EDUX 7135 Primary Sources: Workshops in American History The course compelled me to seek out primary documents, including court cases or legislative battles for role playing, that fit into the curriculum that I currently teach. I have been teaching AP European History for fifteen years now and felt I had my lessons pretty dialed in. After watching these lectures in the videos, and the way in which the professors taught, I went online and searched out documents.

A. Z.

EDUX8000 The Brain and Behavior: I highly appreciated how organized and straight-forward this course was outlined. As an educator, it is challenging to take on additional tasks. However, since this class was outlined so clearly and the content was interesting, it did not feel like an extra item to complete. I enjoyed how clear and concise the syllabus was and how each assignment was explained and formatted. The best aspect of this course was gaining more insight on each component that makes up the brain. I gained more understanding on the function and the characteristics that encompass each part of the brain, and the problems that can arise if there is an issue in a particular part of the brain. Furthermore, this course allowed me to understand that the appropriate interventions can help change the brain to foster academic and social-emotional growth.