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Cassandra C

EDUX 7792 Online Teaching Strategies for the Virtual Classroom The format of this course gave me a lot of flexibility to put in more hours during off work hours such as evenings and weekends. One of the best aspects of this course is that I was able to find articles that were of interest to me and my content area. This really helped me to personalize my experience in this course. The course was not only useful in providing effective strategies that could be adopted or adapted, but inspired me to make changes to my teaching practices to promote student engagement in virtual learning. I have taken a closer look at how present materials and make information accessible to my students. The content was relatable, engaging, and encouraged me to improve my use of tech tools in delivering instruction as well as assessment to benefit both myself and my students.

Monika G

EDUX 7770 Teaching Students in High Poverty Communities This course is one of the most valuable courses that I have taken this year. As the Foster & Homeless counselor for a large school district, I have been given an opportunity to work with families and children who are facing unprecedented times. The vast majority of my clients live in poverty as many reside in shelters, are doubling up with family due to a hardship or are barely making ends meet on a monthly basis. I am grateful to have a better understanding of their struggles by taking this course and hope to be a better counselor to them with the help of this professional growth opportunity. I would highly recommend this opportunity to others, especially since the COVID-19 epidemic will undoubtedly increase the numbers of those living in poverty.

Daniel T

EDUX 7250 Private Universe Project in Science I learned so much from watching these videos. Though there is a lot of content to digest, all of the material was very interesting and definitely helped shape how I approach teaching and learning.

Kristin H

EDUX 7792 Online Teaching Strategies for the Virtual Classroom I loved that I could choose the scholarly articles and the book that would best fit my educational needs for my own classroom. I would definitely recommend this course to others. The versatility of the independent study and the timeliness of the material with the need for online learning fits perfectly with the educational environment we are in currently!

Emily H

EDUX 7675 Technology in Education: Opportunities and Challenges I’m thankful there’s professional development courses which allow teachers to actually choose what they want to learn about, how to learn about it, and then pick their pace. Extremely useful thank you!

Angela J

EDUX 7355 Reading & Writing in the Disciplines I was highly satisfied with this course. I felt that it was very convenient, clearly set up and also provided an opportunity to complete the work at one’s own pace. This format really helps with the level of stress that comes with working full time, having a life, as well as trying to further my education. This course in particular because it really helped me to realize that many of the strategies that are used in English can be modified and utilized during social studies and science instruction. Often I find that there is just not enough time in the day to fit in Science and Social Studies content, but if informational text from these two disciplines are used as a tool for English lessons, then learning happens on multiple levels. I very much appreciated the different examples from real life teachers. Even though this class was geared toward middle school, high school and college level (and me being an elementary school teacher) I was still able to gain lots of knowledge that will help me in my own classroom.

Kristy L

EDUX 7620 Teaching English Language Learners I am always looking for ways to extend my professional development and I really enjoy reading books regarding the teaching profession, especially when they come highly recommended. This course allowed me to look more deeply into the book and into topics around it. It also pushed me to prepare “ready to use” activities that I could do on-demand in my classroom. Even though I have taught for about 20 years, I feel like I learned a lot from this book. However, even more valuable, was this course’s encouragement to go beyond the book and prepare things that helped me to cement my understanding and have on hand for next year.

Sarah H.

EDUX 7775 Standards-Based Grading: Reliable Assessments. The best aspect of this course was the fluidity of learning it provided. When I first started this course, I wanted to learn about grading standards based assessments. However, I found that as I continued trying to teach through a virtual classroom platform, my professional learning needed to change. I needed new examples and ideas for engaging students. Assignments and assessment pieces that I had used in my face-to-face classroom would not work or were not working well in my virtual classroom. This course allowed me the freedom to explore resources and do research that I could now adapt to fit my need for virtual learning. The ability to focus my learning to something that benefited me and my students was crucial in this time of changing educational practice.

Olivia P

EDUX 7310 - The Brain: Teaching Modules: I enjoyed the combination of materials provided within the course. I like that there were videos to watch and then the opportunity to search for scientific journals that we were interested in to spend more time reviewing. I have been very pleased with this course. I have been struggling to find coursework of professional development that I am interested in learning about. I can often find courses about curriculum and instruction. However, it has been difficult finding courses that about my content that I feel are truly worthwhile. I would absolutely recommend this course to my science teacher friends!

Tracie L

EDUX 7025 Connecting With the Arts: A Teaching Practices Library, 6-8 My hope was that I would learn specific ideas that would benefit my art class. I was very surprised that what I learned would not only benefit my classroom, but this information is helping teachers at my site, administration at site and district level, and of course the students. The articles I read had a stronger focus on what I can create in my classroom. Some of the philosophies I learned from one of the articles, “Art the Fourth R”, feels really relevant for the time we are in now. My discussions about this article has created quite the stir among the elective teachers. I would not have experienced this knowledge without this course.