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A. Z.

EDUX8000 The Brain and Behavior: I highly appreciated how organized and straight-forward this course was outlined. As an educator, it is challenging to take on additional tasks. However, since this class was outlined so clearly and the content was interesting, it did not feel like an extra item to complete. I enjoyed how clear and concise the syllabus was and how each assignment was explained and formatted. The best aspect of this course was gaining more insight on each component that makes up the brain. I gained more understanding on the function and the characteristics that encompass each part of the brain, and the problems that can arise if there is an issue in a particular part of the brain. Furthermore, this course allowed me to understand that the appropriate interventions can help change the brain to foster academic and social-emotional growth.

Melinda Z

EDUX 7816 I am an RTI (Response to Intervention) Teacher. I work with students in 3rd-6th grade that are struggling in Language Arts and Math. The best aspect of this course was finding some new strategies that can help some of my students that are severely behind in reading. This is my 2nd year working with a lot of the same students and the year before I used many strategies and didn’t see much growth, but using some of these new strategies, I am already seeing some growth (even though very tiny for some) and that just fills my teacher heart with joy to see any growth with my students.

Jullian C.

EDUX 7600: Autism in Education. I liked that this course allowed me to select the book and articles that best met my needs as an educator. In more rigid courses, a book and/or articles are assigned that don’t align well to my job or the students I teach. This course gave me to flexibility to build on my prior knowledge and learn how to help my current and future students be their best selves. I took this course to understand how to best meet the needs of my students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. I knew that students on the spectrum are diverse, but I wanted to learn common themes and best practices for increasing appropriate behavior so students could be successful in a general education setting. My goals were met ... I feel educated on the broad spectrum of students with autism.

A. B.

EDUX 7404: Healing Anxiety and Depression. I found this course format incredibly easy to understand, as the syllabus lists all that needs to be completed. The documents were easy to download and save. As a mother of mother of two and a full-time teacher, this course allowed me to read and complete course work at night, while my children were sleeping. I also completed work on my lunch break at school. Knowing that I had an instructor that I could reach out to, at any time, was also beneficial.

Christina B.

EDUX 7400: Change Your Brain, Change Your Body. One of the best aspects of this course is the independent format. As an adult that has taken a lot of classes over the years it is nice to take a class that allows me to work independently, at my own pace. Another aspect of the course that was really good happened to be all of the reflection questions. The reflection questions really helped me analyze and think deeply about what I have learned.

Gerardo P.

EDUX 7801: Change Your Brain, Change Your Life . Honestly, my primary motive was to move over in the salary scale. But I always told myself that I wouldn’t just take a class for the units, but take an interesting class and learn something interesting. The units would be a byproduct of this learning. The best aspects of this course were that I had the freedom to pace my studies at a rate that was convenient for me. Having a full time work load and children at home make it difficult to attend a traditional institution. I also appreciated the content of the course. I was incredible applicable to my profession, and personally in my life.

Kathryn G

EDUX 7820 When Kids Can't Read: What Teachers Can Do I thought there was little I could do as a middle school teacher to help non-readers. My thinking was sometimes that if they didn’t have it by now, it wasn’t my problem. I am here to teach eighth grade curriculum. I felt this way because I was ineffective with these kids because I did not have tools to teach them what they needed. I think many, many teachers feel the same way. This book helps us deal with students’ deficits effectively. I am so happy to have this lifeline thrown to me!

Jennifer T

EDUX 7822 Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students' Potential I take advantage of a large variety of professional development opportunities. I also do a great deal of reading to keep up to date on issues in education. This book was by far the best resource that I’ve read to date to assist me in my classroom. Two years ago, my grade level mathematics colleagues and I began the process of transforming our classrooms to growth mindset learning zones. Before reading this book, I thought we had it mostly figured out. We were just touching the tip of the iceberg. Being that this book was tailored to mathematics teachers, I’ve gained a huge amount of insight on how to move forward in transforming our classrooms. I was excited to find information on grading with a growth mindset in mind.

Cole O

EDUX 7817 Number Talks: Whole Number Computation The absolute best aspect of this course was that the materials, specifically the book that was the focus, provided me with a lot more than just ideas and theory as a lot of PD courses do. In this course, I was given the ideas and theory as a starting point, but then was provided with so many examples, resources, instructions, suggestions and details on how to successfully implement number talks in my classroom. More than any other course I have taken, I feel prepared to take what I have learned and apply it in my class and, due to the amazing support provided by this course, I am confident it will be a success. Specifically, the videos of number talks happening, the detailed explanations and examples provided and the prepared and categorized series of prompts went a long way. Additionally, taking this course motivated me to speak with a previous colleague who is an experienced primary school teacher to get guidance and have her help refine my plans in implementing the number talks. Unfortunately, without this course, I am afraid I never would have thought to get her insights and benefit from her expertise in this area.

Kim C

EDUX 7821 What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know I am highly satisfied with this course; in fact, should I need to complete more credits, this will be the first place I turn to. In addition, I will surely recommend this to anyone else looking to complete credits as well. The reason I am so satisfied with this course is that the book I selected was highly relevant to my teaching situation. In addition, I was able to select learning activities beyond the reading of the text that were directly related and beneficial to my situation. Nobody likes to take courses where the learning activities are simply a hoop to jump through. Finally, I found the questions in the summary and reflection paper to be relevant to the readings and helpful to my thought process.