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EDUX 7401: Healing ADD. CCC has been a good resource for my continuing education. I was very satisfied with this course. I also really enjoy having a journal to fulfill hours based on the topic of study. It gives me the chance to search for videos, readings and to have discussions with others on my own. I feel like this is a nice way to branch out in my own way for my personal and professional learning. I would and have recommend CCC to my peers/colleagues, it is a nice way to be able to take courses and work full time.


EDUX 7340: Abnormal Psychology. I took this course in hopes of gaining a better understanding of apathy and adverse behavior in students. I can see many of the symptoms for several of the disorders in some of my most difficult students. I now understand many of my students have anxiety that is tied to school. They are so afraid of doing something “wrong” that they avoid school work. I would say that this course met my goals and expectations. It gave me the insight I need to understand my students. The format of the course was convenient and easy to use. All the materials were easy to locate. I enjoy the self-paced format of CCCs video courses and prefer them to the face-to-face courses. I would rate this course 10 out of 10 for convenience, ease of use, and engagement.

Christyan B

EDUX 7820 When Kids Can't Read: What Teachers Can Do I am very satisfied with this course. I love that it is centered around a trade book written by a teacher as opposed to a text book written by a company or a single academic with little practice experience. The material is high quality, and the assignments helped me to process and internalize what I was learning. I also appreciated the self-paced, online format. I would definitely recommend this to others.

C. M. Special education

7401: Magnificent Mind at Any Age - As with many of College Credit Connection courses, I liked that I could choose articles, as well as how I met my hours through choice. I was able to choose meaningful activities that pertain to my educational goals and my profession.

Michael B

EDUX 7670 Health Education: Motivating Students to Improve their Well-Being My motives for taking this course were to dive a little deeper into my physical education process. I’ve been teaching PE now for several years, but I’ve hit a wall in terms of adding or changing anything to my curriculum. I like exposing myself to new ideas in order to stay fresh as a teacher and avoid the dreaded burn out that so many of us experience. This course was good because I think I achieved my goal of being inspired. I now feel an overwhelming sense of what I need to do and a direction in which I need to head. I’m satisfied with this course and would recommend this course to others. It definitely got me thinking about Health education not only in my school but my community as well. It make me think about how I can be a better community member and teacher when it comes to promoting ideas that encourage healthy living and choices. Overall, these courses are good. You get us looking at many sources of information and ask questions that get to the heart of the issue. It takes a lot of time and my head hurts after, but that’s the way it goes. No pain no gain.

Ryan L

EDUX 7803 The best aspect of this course was the self-paced format and the structured response questions. I have taken many professional development classes that required work that was not beneficial to me. I feel that the structured response questions provoke deep thought about the book and help me consider how the concepts can be applied to benefit my specific classroom and teaching strategies. I enjoy the way CCC formats their book studies and I plan on taking several more courses.

Jessica A

7610H The best aspect of the course was the freedom that it offered. The course allowed me to focus on aspects of differentiation that I needed assistance on, rather than regurgitating the same professional development and teacher preparation course definitions and examples. I work at a fast-pace, so I appreciated the ability to move ahead and work at my own pace to accomplish my goals and/or review material I needed. The environment was low stress-high challenge, which is the goal for all educational settings, and optimized my learning experience.

Carmen M. Educational Specialist

EDUX 7402: Healing ADD. I liked that I could manage my time and the assignments based on my schedule. I also liked that I was able to choose articles that I was interested and pertained to my needs as an educator. Lastly I felt l was given quality materials that I will be able to reference again in the future. The best aspects were the flexibility, choice in some course materials, and the engaging videos. The DVD’s were helpful, engaging, and broken up in ways that made sense. It also seemed like I was given information I can actually use!

Keith W

EDUX 7175H I took this course with a colleague of mine, so we were able to watch the videos together and then immediately plan units and lessons together. This made taking theory to practice extremely easy, and if I were to take a similar course I think I would try and take it with another teacher from my school as well so that we would co-plan as an immediate result of what we learned from the videos.

Alicia D

EDUX 6295 I enjoyed the various modules that were in the ASCD course. I felt that the videos were just long enough to contain important information without dragging on. In addition to this, I like the ability to log hours to reflect on how I am applying this course to my own growth as a professional. I enjoyed the freedom in choosing my own articles to review that I felt included information to my own individual site’s needs. Lastly I like that in both the summary and reflection I am able to not only show what I have learned as a result of taking this course, but self-reflect on how I move forward with this knowledge I have acquired.