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Curt P., History and Athletics

7501. “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” - I really liked the templates that were used for the assignments. The details that were inside of them were extremely helpful and examples were provided. The questions were extremely clear, and it allowed me to know exactly what I needed to be addressing with my responses. It wasn’t open-ended where I would be second guessing all of my answers. I knew the questions and requirements of the assignment. As a result, I feel like I was able to be successful in this course. I am working on advancing my education to move over on the pay scale in my school district. This course allowed me to do that in an online format. As a whole, this was the most insightful professional development that I have ever been a part of.

Caleb R., H.S. Science Teacher

7805 Making a Good Brain Great. My main motivation was to accrue the credits needed to renew my teaching license. My reason for choosing this class to do that was the flexibility of the class structure and the topic. This is my first independent study course and I like the freedom it gives for completing the assignments. My Professor was accessible if needed; returning my emails promptly and I feel this fit perfectly into my schedule. The topic was chosen as I am interested in brain activity and how I as a teacher can improve my student’s cognitive abilities. This book has given some possible suggestions and started me down the path of working on brain health with my students in the classroom. In the short term taking this course gives me the credits I need to renew my teaching license. That of course is an important professional goal. Long term this course has invigorated me. I am excited to use brain health activities in my classroom.

Q. C.

EDUX 7802. The course format was extremely effective for working professionals to pace their learning based on their professional responsibilities. I appreciated the autonomy of choosing my own chapters to review. As with any reading, the reader internalizes learning based on their own experiences. I was able to select the chapters that truly sparked my interest and allowed me to reflect on how these sections of text truly supports and impacts my learning as an adult and as a professional in the educational field. Allowing ample opportunities to reflect on how the reading impacts one’s learning is vital as it provides time for one to synthesize and understand the true meaning behind why an author is presenting the information

Gabriel T

EDUX 7355H I typically do not like taking online classes because they are often confusing (class expectations), impersonal, and irrelevant. This course did not fit any of those three categories. The independent study format was also fantastic, this allowed me to work when I had time, thus making the content much more interesting and helpful. If this class was rushed, or on a strict schedule, I know for a fact I would not have gotten as much out of it as I did.

Rob T., Middle School Teacher

EDUX 7800. I find this course format to be very effective. I think it is a good blend of learning styles. There is good material that comes directly from the book. I like the fact that we get to choose the articles that we review for the class because we get to choose articles that are interesting to us individually. There is also required time for doing other education activities. Again, you have the freedom to choose the types of activities that you will log on the journal that are beneficial to me. The best aspects of this course is the flexibility. I can choose when to do work or log hours for the course and I can choose much of the material that I will study for the course. The book is chosen for us that we must review but other than that it is flexible. It is also important that we can finish the course at the pace that we wish. It makes the class less stressful.

Gina, Special Education

EDUX 7340. The self-paced format was effective for an individual like myself who is working full-time and has a busy personal life. The videos were not so long that they were too overwhelming to finish in one sitting, and the fact that guiding questions were offered for all writing assignments helped with pacing to complete them. Therefore I was still able to fully participate in my workplace and grow my knowledge base on the topic afterwards. Also, knowing that I had several months to complete the course helped me to not feel too overwhelmed, especially if there were other work-related issues that needed to be addressed after hours. I was ultimately highly satisfied with this course. I come across almost all of the psychopathologies presented in this course in my daily life, so having the opportunity to gain more information on them and/or review them was beneficial. The information was presented in a way that made me feel I gained a solid base of knowledge on each psychological disorder without being overwhelmed or confused by the information. In other words, the videos were a great overview of a variety of topics. I now have a deeper understanding of the underlying issues these patients often face and know that they can not be ignored. Also, though I am not qualified to provide the psychological treatments addressed in this video series, I think it was important to be made aware of the options available. All of this serves me by making me a more well rounded clinician.

Matthew T

EDUX 7185H I found this course inspiring. As a veteran teacher, I spend much of my time with my own class and refining the practices to which I have been exposed. Much of my learning was many years ago when I first began to teach. This course offered a refreshing burst of new information to inform my teaching practice.

Rob T., Elementary Teacher

EDUX 7801. I feel that this format for the class was very effective. The book and subsequent book review were good reading and there was a lot of value there. I also chose a couple of articles that were relevant for me and my situation at school. I really like the flexibility that you have with this course that allows to select articles that are interesting to the individual and that the course allows you to choose where you would like some of the focus to be. I think the best aspect of this class is the flexibility. First of all because it is an online course you have the flexibility to choose when I would like to complete coursework and it can be worked around my schedule. I also like that you have flexibility to build some of the curriculum and learning the way that I want. The book is chosen for me and there is a focus for the course but I can choose articles that are relevant to me and that interest me. Since I am able to choose the focus of my research I feel it made the class a lot more engaging.

Heidi, Special Education

EDUX 7310. I am very satisfied with this course. I would recommend this workshop to another colleague looking for the same opportunity. These videos covered a wide range of topics within the brain from: Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, autism, Parkinson’s disease, to Epilepsy and its treatments. These videos were not only interesting to me but are also very meaningful and helpful to me within my classroom. My goals were definitely met for this class. I have walked away with not only a better understanding for my students but also several different approaches and strategies that I can implement in my classroom. I am excited to introduce new techniques that I have learned from these videos and to share them with my colleagues as well. Not only is this very user friendly but the professors are professional and efficient. I have emailed the teacher assigned to my class that I am taking and she responded promptly and was able to answer my questions that I had.

Jennifer H

EDUX 7325. As a school-based speech language pathologist (SLP), it is a struggle to find courses that are both applicable and effective for me to grow my skills as an SLP educator. I was able to read articles and explore additional resources that were applicable to speech language therapy and my role in the schools. In addition, unlike a traditional teacher, my schedule has crunch times and times that are more flexible and open due to how individualized education plan meetings and testing is completed for special education. The format of this course allowed me the flexibility to complete greater portions of it when I had more time to do so.