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Samantha H

EDUX 7215 The Missing Link: Essential Concepts for Middle School Math Teachers I really enjoyed this course and would recommend it to others! The ease of use allowed me to stop and start videos, take notes and complete assignments all in one large chunk of time or skipping a few days between, and the material was entirely applicable to what I will be teaching and aligned beautifully with my curriculum.

Madison F

7185H This course brought me back to my high school teachings about geometry and then expanded on concepts that had previously been confusing to me. One of the things that was stressed heavily in this course was that all students have the capability to learn the mathematics that we are teaching, it just depends on how we present the information to them. This course seamlessly worked through how to incorporate vocabulary, prior knowledge, and scaffolding to students of all capabilities. I would recommend this course to all math teachers because we learn how much geometry we are using in our classrooms without even realizing it is geometry. This course gave me new ideas on how to incorporate more engaging lessons through better structuring and activities that promote understanding. The course also gives us lessons that can be used at any grade level with a little tweaking.

Marissa C

EDUX 6185 I appreciated that the course syllabus directly outlined the expectations for a three-unit course with suggested templates. Since the course is not offered in a face-to-face format, I appreciated that all of the expectations and directions were explicit and direct. I also enjoyed the fact that I was able to conduct my own research and read texts that were applicable to my own field of study, areas of need, and interests as related to supporting students’ literacy in the classroom.

Erin B

7010 I thought I took this course simply to get some new lessons to teach art to my students. Instead I got a broader understanding of what art actually is (not simply visual art, but music, dance, and theater as well) and what arts integration actually is. My goals for this class were greatly exceeded and I am excited to design lessons to integrate art into each of our units of study.

Ashley S

EDUX 7050 This was my first online course through Vanguard and I have to say that I truly thought the format was effective. I enjoyed the ease and pace at which I could complete the work from the moment that I enrolled in the course. I didn’t necessarily have to worry about a deadline and could focus on the videos, articles, and my additional readings. The best aspect of this online course was the quality of the video series. I was very thankful for all of the videos having a consistent theme as well as the teachers and students in the videos. The teachers were truly passionate and I gained numerous strategies from the videos because my students are within the same age range.

Tina Bodenheimer

EDUX 7340: Abnormal Psychology. I am so happy with this course. I have not enjoyed learning as much as this in years. I enjoy the no time pressure affecting my learning. I looked at the videos at least three times each. I took notes, and researched and learned so much. This class was my treat to myself. I wanted a learning experience that was not collaborative learning, although as a teacher, collaboration is good for some, but not for all. In addition, I feel that I have learned more in the course than I have ever learned in any other "one course" so I will be taking more courses like this one. I don't really want this course to end, because I think it is like growing a garden, every day a new plant sprouts like my ideas and thoughts with this course. Thanks so much! Tina

Curt P., History and Athletics

7501. “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” - I really liked the templates that were used for the assignments. The details that were inside of them were extremely helpful and examples were provided. The questions were extremely clear, and it allowed me to know exactly what I needed to be addressing with my responses. It wasn’t open-ended where I would be second guessing all of my answers. I knew the questions and requirements of the assignment. As a result, I feel like I was able to be successful in this course. I am working on advancing my education to move over on the pay scale in my school district. This course allowed me to do that in an online format. As a whole, this was the most insightful professional development that I have ever been a part of.

Caleb R., H.S. Science Teacher

7805 Making a Good Brain Great. My main motivation was to accrue the credits needed to renew my teaching license. My reason for choosing this class to do that was the flexibility of the class structure and the topic. This is my first independent study course and I like the freedom it gives for completing the assignments. My Professor was accessible if needed; returning my emails promptly and I feel this fit perfectly into my schedule. The topic was chosen as I am interested in brain activity and how I as a teacher can improve my student’s cognitive abilities. This book has given some possible suggestions and started me down the path of working on brain health with my students in the classroom. In the short term taking this course gives me the credits I need to renew my teaching license. That of course is an important professional goal. Long term this course has invigorated me. I am excited to use brain health activities in my classroom.

Q. C.

EDUX 7802. The course format was extremely effective for working professionals to pace their learning based on their professional responsibilities. I appreciated the autonomy of choosing my own chapters to review. As with any reading, the reader internalizes learning based on their own experiences. I was able to select the chapters that truly sparked my interest and allowed me to reflect on how these sections of text truly supports and impacts my learning as an adult and as a professional in the educational field. Allowing ample opportunities to reflect on how the reading impacts one’s learning is vital as it provides time for one to synthesize and understand the true meaning behind why an author is presenting the information

Gabriel T

EDUX 7355H I typically do not like taking online classes because they are often confusing (class expectations), impersonal, and irrelevant. This course did not fit any of those three categories. The independent study format was also fantastic, this allowed me to work when I had time, thus making the content much more interesting and helpful. If this class was rushed, or on a strict schedule, I know for a fact I would not have gotten as much out of it as I did.