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Kerri G

EDUX 7841 Lost at School: Kids with Behavioral Challenges. This was probably one of the most, if not THE most, informational course I have taken since my undergraduate days. The detailed steps and obstacles you might face while working with challenging kids is fully covered by this author.

Jessica G.

EDUX 7402 Healing ADD. I would recommend this course to others. It was a great way to be able to learn about ADD and also gave me the flexibility to be able to research aspects of the subject that I felt were pertinent to me and my career. The video series was intriguing and informative. I would recommend this course to other people due to the fact that I was able to work a personal development course around my busy schedule to work at my own pace. I think that flexibility that is built into the class of being able to go at your own pace and source your own information is very effective. I was able to source information that was relevant to me and focus my research on information that I felt I would directly implement into my classroom. I don’t believe that I have ever been in a personal development situation that has benefited me as much as this course has.

Ana C.

EDUX 7831: Healing Anxiety and Depression. I could relate to most things Dr. Amen was sharing and felt intrigued to learn more. Another great aspect of this course was that I was able to conduct my own research for the two articles. This feeling of choice made it much more enjoyable to take on a research based class. Finally, I liked that this class is self- paced. Because I have time on the weekends, I was able to take on this class and do the research and reading during that time. I felt more connected and determined to complete the class because of these aspects.

Samantha R.

EDUX 7160 The Learning Classroom: Theory Into Practice. Overall, this was a fantastic course, and I have recommended it to my co-teacher. After sharing the information with her that I learned about culture, emotion and social context, she wants to explore the material independently. In her words she wants to take a course for license renewal that will “actually be beneficial” and this course certainly meets that criteria. I enjoyed the self-paced nature and the effective presentation of the material. I appreciated the purposeful assignments as well, which is another reason this course comes highly recommended for other educators. We appreciate the value of being a life-long learner, but also are very busy people with personal lives as well and do not have time or the desire to complete meaningless assignments. Every assignment, article and video for this course was purposeful and well-intended.

Hector Z

EDUX 7817H Number Talks: Whole Number Computation It’s been a long time since I’ve had impactful professional development in the area of mathematics. It opened my eyes to many different things I can incorporate in classroom to make it more fun and easier to manage. It enables students to think conceptually and with an open mind to come up with solutions to math problems in a non-procedural way.

C. B.

EDUX7590: Educational Leadership. This course thankfully allows me to use my work to get graduate credit in a meaningful way without too much superfluous work and assignments. I searched for low cost graduate level credits and this came up in an internet search. After completing my first CCC course and finding it to be a pleasant experience, this is my 3rd course from CCC.

Christine P.

EDUX 7801 Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. I am very satisfied with this course. It’s flexibility and affordability is invaluable for someone like myself, who works fulltime, is a single-parent and need this type of arrangement in order to pursue salary advancement and additional professional development to further my practice as a special educator. The accessibility to my professor for questions was great and feedback was very timely. I also loved the book selection, as it was current, a best seller and so applicable to the field of Special Education. I would most definitely recommend this course to others.

Kelli G.

EDUX7802 GENERAL COMMENT. My coworker told me about this professional development opportunity. She had mentioned that she tried Phoenix online courses but felt that it was expensive for the quality of instruction that she received. She said that she tried this platform and felt that it was helpful for her instruction as well as more cost effective.

Joshua S

EDUX 7300 Physics for the 21st Century I really enjoyed this online course. Many online courses have unnecessary journal posts, extra papers, and reading that does not always pertain to the topic of the course. I found this course excellent. I enjoyed the videos and the supplemental material and text that went alone with each unit on the course website. The content was high level, but easy to understand and make sense of. I honestly enjoyed this course way more than I thought I would.

A. C.

EDUX7340 The World of Abnormal Psychology. I was very pleased with the scope of topics addressed. I felt that each segment provided me with enough information that I had a rudimentary understanding of the issue addressed, and at the same time we covered enough different concepts that I learned about common conditions that I might see every day as well as more critical ailments. Having so many interview segments brought to life the various conditions in a way that simply would not have been possible by reading some dry textbook. I appreciate that there is an organized, structured component to the course as well as including the more open option to choose resources that catch my interest. The videos covered a broad range of subjects, while the individual component allowed me to study on the specific areas that apply to my situation.