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Kimberly Z

EDUX 7075 Teaching Multicultural Literature: A Workshop for the Middle Grades For many years, I have searched for classes that I could take for professional development that I could actually use in my classroom and school. I am typically left unsatisfied. This time, with this class, I am very excited to return to school full of new ideas for my students.

Edith M

EDUX 7085 Teaching Reading 3-5 Workshop I chose this course because it is self-paced, budget-friendly, engaging, and informative. I loved the videos so much that I watched all of them twice to be able to absorb everything. I have learned so much over the course of the class and I am willing to institute the strategies I saw in the videos and read in the articles that would improve literacy. I would strongly recommend this course to others.

Katelyn R

EDUX 7828 Responsive Classroom for Music, Art, PE, and Other Special Areas was a great resource to discover and I am excited to implement many of the strategies covered in this book at the start of the next school year. This book was inspirational for me as a specialist teacher because it recognized the unique challenges and opportunities that I experience in my teaching assignment and offered a multitude of great tips for success. I appreciate the self-paced structure of this course because I have a lot of free time this summer and am excited to be able to use this time to push myself and continue growing as an educator.

Bob H.

EDUX 7800 Use Your Brain to Change Your Age. The course was very easy to start and track my progress. I have taken other courses through CCC and have been pleased with the results. I am a busy person and I enjoyed working on this course at my own pace instead of having to work at someone else's pace. I can be at home with my family and still better myself for my students. The instructors have been prompt in response to my work submissions and I was able to talk to a live person when I had a problem.

Jose A.

EDUX 7402 Healing ADD. I was satisfied with the course and I would recommend it to others and have. I wanted to become more aware of the symptoms and treatments of ADD. I gained important information about how to help my struggling students. I think this course should be a course every teacher takes in their credential course. Teachers do not have the strategies or skills to help students with ADD in their first years.

Jenny P.

EDUX 7404 Healing Anxiety and Depression. In addition to taking the course to advance on salary scale, I was particularly interested in this course because I think mental health is a growing topic of concern in education. I have seen multiple students struggle with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts over the years, and have even had my own experiences with anxiety. This course not only gave me more insight into different types of anxiety, but also offered practical ways to help overcome it. The course format was very effective. I enjoy being able to work at my own pace while balancing all of my other responsibilities.

Gerardo P.

EDUX 7340 Abnormal Psychology. I was incredibly satisfied with this course. It was well detailed and the content was concise. I would recommend this course to others.The best aspects of the course are the freedom to choose the supplemental material. I liked being able to pick the additional material, further personalizing my educational experience.

Tiffany B

EDUX 7355 Reading & Writing in the Disciplines I was pleasantly surprised that a course I had assumed to be irrelevant to me as an elementary level math teacher proved to be a pivotal point in my instructional strategies. This course definitely exceeded my expectations and helped me meet needs I had not even seen before I explored this video series.

Kaitlyn B

EDUX 7821 What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know The book itself was an “educational awakening” for me. It inspired me to hold a town hall with my students and to ask them what they wish their teachers knew. As soon as I did those two things, I knew I had to change my lessons to include more of my students' voices. Webinars, TedTalks, and the research articles only inspired me more. I am extremely eager to work on my lesson plans for the next school year after completing this course.

Kelsie N.

EDUX 7340: Abnormal Psychology. The self-paced format was by far one of the best aspects of this course. This format gives teachers the freedom to work on assignments without having to worry about squeezing in time to lesson plan, make copies, or grade papers. The self-paced curriculum allowed me to fit the assignments into my schedule with ease. The response questions and papers were laid out in an user friendly format that allowed me to understand exactly what information was expected. This video series was very enlightening. Another aspect of this course that I really enjoyed was the video on Anxiety. I found this video to be very informative, not just in the context of elementary education but also in the context of everyday life. Anxiety is often discussed as something that is prevalent in our society. The video helped me to better understand the causes, symptoms, and treatments of Anxiety.