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Tessa M

EDUX 7827H Leverage Leadership: A Practical Guide to Building Exceptional Schools What I appreciated most about College Credit Connection and this course were the flexibility it offered. The online format allowed me to complete the coursework at my own pace, fitting it into my busy schedule as a full-time educator. Additionally, the process of earning graduate credit was seamless and straightforward. Overall, I would highly recommend College Credit Connection to other educators looking to further their professional development. It is a reputable and user-friendly platform that offers a wide range of courses to meet the diverse needs of educators. I am grateful for the opportunity to have expanded my knowledge and skills through their programs and look forward to continuing my professional growth with them in the future.

Clarissa S.

EDUX7600 EDUX 7600: AUTISM IN EDUCATION. I am highly satisfied with the course, thanks to its well-structured content and its direct applicability to my role. The insights gained have enhanced my skills and provided valuable perspectives on current issues in education. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to others seeking professional development opportunities. The quality of the content, coupled with the engaging learning environment, makes it a worthwhile investment in advancing one's expertise in the field.

Bonilla C.

EDUX 7590 Educational Leadership: An Introduction I'm very satisfied with the course; it has positively impacted my approach to educational leadership. The content was relevant and thought-provoking, pushing me to reflect on my leadership style and how it shapes my work in the world languages and ethnic studies departments. I'd definitely recommend this course to colleagues seeking to deepen their understanding of leadership within the education sector. It's a robust tool for any educator looking to enhance their instructional practice and set actionable goals for their classroom and beyond.

Kellie M

EDUX 7843 Applying Universal Design for Learning in Today's Classrooms To be completely honest, the professional motive for taking this course was originally to earn continuing education units to increase my knowledge as well as max out on the salary scale. This class has helped to rejuvenate my love for learning and working with children. My goal is to focus on curriculum and making it accessible for all. The format of this course offered flexibility and worked with my busy schedule. The topic of UDL was something I have been interested in for a while. It is of particular interest now because I will be having several inclusion students in my class in the fall. Setting clear goals while offering multiple means of achieving the goals will be essential for success. Taking this course has better prepared me.

Kelli C

EDUX 7085H Teaching Reading 3-5 Workshop The best aspects of this course were the fact that it was self-paced over a 6 month period. It allowed someone like me who is busy teaching full time to work through and complete the course at my own pace. I also thought that the organization of the templates for the work to be completed was beyond helpful and was easy to follow. I was able to work through the course efficiently because of that. I learned some important takeaways from this course that I was able to implement into my classroom easily and my students are benefiting from that.

Celia Bonilla

EDUX 7833 I participated the Independent Study Course "Change Your Brain, Change Your Grades." While conducting my research for this course, I was inspired to prepare and facilitate a workshop for my students heading into a new school year. My students left the workshop with knowledge on the importance of brain health, how to develop successful study habits, and a new outlook on lifestyle decisions. Dr. Wells was my instructor for the course, and even though it is Independent Study, she is quick to respond and support you in your research. Overall, I am very impressed with the knowledge I gained during this research opportunity and look forward to more courses with CCC and Vanguard University in the future.

Andrew H

EDUX 7828 Responsive Classroom for Music, Art, PE, and Other Special Areas My motives for this course was to complete it to help with re-licensure. But, to be honest it pivoted to the Personalized Learning piece just a little into the textbook and working on coursework. I would say overall my motives or goals were much surpassed and expectations were blown out of the water with the knowledge and content covered in this course. The new motive for this course really was pushed by my new leadership role in my district with the Personalized Learning model being hashed out by the pilot team. I feel much more educated and aware of the task item I was assigned to complete over the summer. The amount of intense information regarding Personalized Learning has exceeded my expectations for enrolling in this course.

Karen K

EDUX 7045 Developing Writers: A Workshop for High School Teachers With each video clip, I found myself writing down ideas to implement in the classroom. This is the type of professional growth that teachers are hungry for. Too often, we collaborate with only teachers on-site and are unable to expand our practices beyond a limited scope of the latest/greatest idea. Looking at teaching practices in other school districts will help to broaden the realm of possibilities for new and informed instruction in writing.

Timothy M

EDUX 7402 Healing ADD. The freedom of the Journal Log is amazing. I tried to diversify learnings to different modalities and perspectives, in hopes of finding more specific information as well as to broaden my understanding of ADD. Much of the information validated learnings from the “Healing ADD” video. I also really appreciate how open and collaborative the professor is for this course- quick to respond to inquiries or concerns, and extremely helpful.

Jill L.

7801 EDUX 7801: Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. I work with a teacher who took classes with Vanguard in the past and she raved at how affordable, informative, and structured your program was. I work full time and have 3 small children - this class was something that would work with my hectic schedule. I listened to the audiobook on my 1 hour drive back and forth to school everyday. With small children it would be difficult to sit down and read a book. I am highly satisfied with this course and am hoping to take several more over the course of this summer. Parts of this book were very applicable to my classroom and the other parts were applicable to my personal life.