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Course Description

EDUX 5150 (A, B, C, D).

This course will outline a variety of community resources that can enhance learning across the curriculum, expand lessons, and increase understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultural elements of our neighborhoods. Study tours will be arranged to provide first-hand contact with historical sites, museums, multicultural art displays, and other important locations. A wealth of community resources will be made available through curriculum outlines, classroom materials, and informative presentations.

·     Contact and utilize a number of community agencies, museums, and cultural venues with application across the curriculum.

·     Develop a working/adaptable resource file of free materials, presentations, and services.

·     Field trip planning to a variety of valuable community agencies and exhibition venues.

·     Utilize the community as a valuable resource for career education and creative exploration.

·     Plan a variety of study tour experiences that have genuine applications for skill and content development across the curriculum.

·     Help students to develop exciting portfolios based on personal experiences.

·     Relate social science lessons to actual historical and natural sites in the local area.

·     Increase student knowledge of natural history.

·     Become aware of the many community agencies and successful businesses that will help students make vocational and future life decisions.

·     Increase student desire through a hands-on view of the need to protect our fragile environment.

Course Materials:

Students will develop a file of community, natural, cultural, and historical resources that can be applied to Content Standards. Information and ideas about student field trips will also be gathered for the participants.

Course Requirements

Information regarding the specific COURSE REQUIREMENTS will be given the first day of class.

GRADING:  Things that affect a student's grade include attendance, promptness, participation in class discussions, quality of work generated, projects completed, and quality of assignments and homework completed.  Active on-task participation is necessary to receive credit.

* Please note that the student may take up to four sections of this same course number designated A, B, C, or D.  There are four levels to this course.  These courses must be taken in sequential order (e.g., "A" must be taken before "B").  When enrolling, students are responsible for knowing the section of the course for which they are eligible. 


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